What can Youth Connection do for you?

Youth Connection hosts a variety of programs and events in McLennan County. Youth Connection’s primary services include:

  • The “Too Cool for Trouble” After School Program which teaches skills such as goal setting, taking responsibility and leadership. The goal of the program is to arm youth with the tools to make positive choices.
  • The Real Care Baby Project which helps young men and women make responsible choices about becoming parents.
  • Teen Mother Visits by Youth Connection provide guidance and information about programs such as education, parenting, job training and child care that teen mothers may need following the birth of their child.
  • More information can be found about these programs in the video below

Youth Connection also hosts:

  • An annual spring conference, “Moving Forward: Effective Ways to Reach Our Youth,” each spring for professionals who work with youth. It covers new programs, methods and strategies to use with at-risk teens.
  • Down on the Bayou, Youth Connection’s annual fundraising event. Funds raised from the event play a crucial part in the organization’s ongoing aid to young people.