RealCare Baby Project


“RealCare Baby” is a nationally recognized and award-winning program. Through this infant simulator program, Youth Connection helps young men and women make responsible, informed choices about becoming parents.

The simulator requires real care on the part of the user including regular feeding, burping, diapering and rocking. They depict true features of a baby and offer young people the ability to comprehend having a child. Using schedules of real life infants, these behaviors occur unpredictably and they replicate the actions and crying of a real baby. Teenagers, male and female, care for the simulator anywhere from two nights to one week, with many classes using them over the weekend interfering with social opportunities. Whether it is through fatigue, stress or the reality of the responsibility of having a child, the effect on young people is incredible. Participants learn the true impact of early parenthood on their social lives, academic lives and future goals.

Youth Connection also has, for demonstration purposes only, a FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) Manikin, a Drug Affected “Baby,” which cries and has tremors just like an actual drug affected infant, and a Shaken Baby Syndrome simulator, which illuminates the brain when excessive shaking has occurred to show damage.

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Learn more about Youth Connection’s RealCare Baby Project on the Youth Connection blog.

Youth Connection’s RealCare babies are available to schools in Waco, McLennan County and surrounding areas. If you are interested in acquiring the babies for your class, contact Carolyn Nichols, executive director of Youth Connection, at 254-717-7144 or .